Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Welcome to Symphonize!

You have just stumbled upon the next world revolution. The biggest thing to hit the internet since... the internet. The most useful and monumental invention since the electric tortilla maker.

So, now that you know how amazing and epic this "Symphonize" thing is... I bet you're wondering "what is this Symphonize thing anyways?"

Symphonize is the musical form of your favorite T-Shirt (the black one with the extremely tiny purple spot on the upper left shoulder where you splattered some paint on it.) It's also your favorite pizza topping (the crazy blend of pineapple, pepperoni and red peppers that tastes delicious but nobody ever orders.) Symphonize is YOU... in a song!

Have you ever wished there was a song or an instrumental "movie style" theme out there that personified you? Well, now you can have one. With "Symphonize," YOU are the director and I am the composer. Whether you'd like a theme song for your personal/business website, blog, or just a tune that fits your personality, drop me a line! Let's get to creating~

Thanks for stopping by!
~Jared Kraft (Composer, Orchestrator, Arranger, Producer)


  1. Jared, I think this is a fabulous concept! Keep up the brilliant work!! You are a musical inspiration to me. :)

  2. Jared,
    I think you're brilliantly talented, and passed your contact info along to a friend who does graphic design & websites for TV & movies. I also sent him your mom's and Abigail's website w/their new "theme songs." Don't know if anything will come of it, but he said he would put you in his "contact list."

    Oh... As I'm writing this... I have another friend who does the opening animation for a lot of the Discovery Channel programs (wks for a high-profile company) and another friend who's an Emmy winning documentary filmmaker. I'm having lunch w/he and his wife tomorrow. I'll send them your info as well, unless you would rather I not. Guess I should have asked before I sent out the first one. Let me know about the other two.

    Brenda Coffee

  3. Dude, you sound like you could be writing for pixar!!!

  4. I'm getting ready to get a little makeover on my blog so I'd want to wait til after that. How long are the introductory prices?

  5. man jared your just so great at music i love it

  6. what a fabulous idea! you are so gifted.

    my daughter, sunday lane, is a song
    writer, too.

    such an amazing talent you have.

  7. I just found your link through Aspire.

    I absolutely love this idea! Theme music would add so much depth to a blog.

    I've actually tried in the past to add music to my blog, but a mixture of not finding the right music and not understanding how to add it to my blog discouraged me from going any further.

    I really enjoyed your previous music samples, and was wondering whether or not you'd be able to create an epic/sci fi theme for my own blog.

  8. Wow, you are really, really good. Keep up the awesome work.


  9. I know I am your Grandma...but even if I wasn't, I would LOVE your compositions...You're a terrific composer Jared!

    Best wishes on this latest endeavor.

    Grandma Linda

  10. This is an awesome idea! When did you start composing and selling your service? Keep up the good work!