Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Original Music for Your Family Slideshow!

Enhance your special memories with a customized theme song! I'm now offering original music for family slideshows, picture presentations and home videos. Whether you want to add a dash of international flavor to your mission trip photos, or some playful accents to a recent birthday party/family event, "Symphonize" is here to deliver!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Welcome to Symphonize!

You have just stumbled upon the next world revolution. The biggest thing to hit the internet since... the internet. The most useful and monumental invention since the electric tortilla maker.

So, now that you know how amazing and epic this "Symphonize" thing is... I bet you're wondering "what is this Symphonize thing anyways?"

Symphonize is the musical form of your favorite T-Shirt (the black one with the extremely tiny purple spot on the upper left shoulder where you splattered some paint on it.) It's also your favorite pizza topping (the crazy blend of pineapple, pepperoni and red peppers that tastes delicious but nobody ever orders.) Symphonize is YOU... in a song!

Have you ever wished there was a song or an instrumental "movie style" theme out there that personified you? Well, now you can have one. With "Symphonize," YOU are the director and I am the composer. Whether you'd like a theme song for your personal/business website, blog, or just a tune that fits your personality, drop me a line! Let's get to creating~

Thanks for stopping by!
~Jared Kraft (Composer, Orchestrator, Arranger, Producer)